evangelische Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gemeinde
Tübingen-Waldhäuser Ost

Etwa eine Woche vor dem aktuellen Termin erscheint hier der Rundbrief zu Church at Six. Sie können den Newsletter abonnieren beim Studierendenpfarramt.


Church at six - Newsletter

Happy new year to all of you! May God’s blessing stay with you and all of this world and may God’s peace proclaimed anew while remembering the birth of Christ stay with this world and with us against all (current) odds.

And besides that I want to let you know: It is time again for Church at Six. The next service is on January 12th, 6 pm, Bonhoeffer-Kirche.

Since we never get the chance to celebrate Epiphany, this time we cheat. We are going to make good for that “never”. Have a look at the Readings:

Isaiah 60:1-6 Ephesians 3:1-12 Matthew 2:1-12

And we’ll see and hear once more about the child, the light of the world arising in Bethlehem. About the magi. About whatever and whoever moves. Moving seems to be good, even though quite uncomfi. Yet compared to the terrified and kind of petrified staying in the city of Jerusalem there is no doubt: “Keep moving” is an attitude in accordance to God.

Needless to say: After the service we share our Potluck-Dinner. You don’t have to bring something along to partake. But if you do, we’ll highly appreciate it! As your help to set the tables or to clean up afterwards will be and is appreciated: Thanks for every helping hand during the past year as for the year to come.

All the best in finding your way back from the stable/ the holidays to everyday life!

Yours, Christina (Jeremias-Hofius)