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Etwa eine Woche vor dem aktuellen Termin erscheint hier der Rundbrief zu Church at Six. Sie können den Newsletter abonnieren beim Studierendenpfarramt.


Church at six - Newsletter

8. Juli 2019

Good morning to you!
I’m writing to remind and to invite you: It’s time for our next Church at Six service. And it’s one with a big surprise and of great delight: Reverend Dr. Yazid Said is back to Tübingen for a short stay before returning home to Liverpool. He will be with us for the service and even more: He kindly consented to preach! That’s really special – at least to me. And during the Potluck-Dinner we all will get the chance to catch up with him (and each other) resp. have a chat.
So, that’s a real good reason to show up on Sunday, July 14th, 6 pm at the Bonhoeffer Church! And you also might want to consider that this Church service will be the last one before our summer break. And this year the break is going to be a long one – up to September 29th.
By the way, next Sunday’s readings are: Deuteronomy 30:9-14; Colossians 1:1-14 and Luke 10:25-37.
Hope to see you!
Have a good week! Christina
P.S.: I almost forgot: We do enjoy if you contribute something to our Potluck-Dinner. But, please, don’t feel obliged to do so. We are happy to have you with us either way! And if you can spare the time to help Renate and myself to clean up afterwards, be sure, we are deeply grateful for your help!