evangelische Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gemeinde
Tübingen-Waldhäuser Ost

Etwa eine Woche vor dem Termin erscheint hier der aktuelle Rundbrief zu Church at Six. Sie können den Newsletter abonnieren beim Hochschulpfarramt II.


Church at six - Newsletter


Hello, everyone,
from the depth of my heart I hope you are doing and coping well!
I had quite a hard time deciding whether to celebrate the next Church at Six service online or in real. The Zoomservice last time was fun. Thanks to all who joined! It was great to see you, to pray together, to share the different situations, afflictions and challenges we have to deal with. It was delightful – but still it was different, the atmosphere of a service and of the church itself was missing. On the other hand the requirements and the restrictions for celebrating a service in real are high – restrictions and requirements we would get around by having a Zoom-service. Restrictions like: No communion. No singing. Duration of the service no longer than 45 minutes (well, 35 minutes to be exact). No Potluck-Dinner. Requirements like: sitting 2m apart from each other. Wearing a facial mask. Entering and leaving the church one by one. Being seated. That’s so different from what we are used to! Nonetheless I figured we might as well get started with adjusting to a different situation and to take the chance to see and to greet each other and to celebrate together – even if it’s just for a few minutes with a reduced liturgy and the limited means of grace. So the next Church at Six service will be May 24th, 6 pm, Bonhoeffer-Church Tübingen. Please bring your own facial mask!

Elisabeth Fröschle is going to join us. She takes care for the music. And humming along is allowed …

I’m in charge of the liturgy and the (short) sermon. Except for the Gospel Reading (John 17:1-11) there will be one further Reading: Acts 1:9-14. Anyone who would like to take it on?

And I’m in need of a helper: Someone who stands at the entrance by 5.45 pm and greets the arriving, tells them to put on their facials masks and to use the disinfectant and to wait at the entrance for being seated. It probably feels quite funny. Please bring along your ability to laugh! I’m quite sure, you will need it. But then there is also: Please bring your anticipation for and delight in the service in the presence of God and of each other!

I’m really looking forward to see you and your smiling faces. Let the light shine on!
Hope to see you! All the best, Christina Jeremias-Hofius