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Church at six - Latest

Happy new year to all of you! May God’s blessing and peace come into your sight over and over again throughout this year!

If you are kind enough to show up at the Bonhoeffer-Kirche next Sunday, I will gladly express my wishes to you face to face.

Next Sunday, January 14th, it’s time again for Church at Six.
The gospel reading will be John 1:43-51, further readings are 1 Samuel 3:1-10 and 1 Corinthians 6:12-20.

I will preach. And to give you an idea beforehand: Have you ever had the experience of someone you scoffed at (or to put it more biblically: someone you used despitefully – comp. King James, Mt 5:44!) behind his or her back treated you very kindly? How did you feel? Just imagine that happening with God – or Christ? How will you feel then? I got the impression that the gospel reading is telling us something about the power of (God’s) love that relieves from shame and being ashamed. And this power has a lot to do with transforming expectations and taking a close look as in looking behind the veil or the mask.

After the service we will enjoy our Potluck-Dinner, the fellowship and the yummy food.

Great, if you can manage to bring something to share along, but if not, never mind. You might as well bring a friend …! Or, since Renate isn’t sure whether she will be able to stay until the end of the dinner, you could also give me a hand in cleaning up afterwards. But of course there is always the option to stay and to enjoy – totally gratis (gratis as in gratia, translated grace) and gracefully as brother or sister in Christ. In any case: We are glad to have you with us!

See you on Sunday! And have a good start returning to everyday life!
Christina Jeremias-Hofius